How to Convert JSON to ExpandoObject

In this example we will convert a JSON String to ExpandoObject. Start with an extension method that takes the json string value and converts it into a IDictionary. Then we use an extension method which processes each key value pair into the Expando Object.

public static ExpandoObject ToExpando(this string json)

    JavaScriptSerializer serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
    IDictionary< string, object > dictionary = serializer.Deserialize< IDictionary< string, object> >(json);
    return dictionary.Expando();


public static ExpandoObject Expando(this IDictionary< string, object > dictionary)
    ExpandoObject expandoObject = new ExpandoObject();
    IDictionary< string, object > objects = expandoObject;

    foreach (var item in dictionary)
        bool processed = false;

        if (item.Value is IDictionary< string, object >)
            objects.Add(item.Key, Expando((IDictionary< string, object >)item.Value));
            processed = true;
        else if (item.Value is ICollection)
            List< object > itemList = new List< object >();

            foreach (var item2 in (ICollection)item.Value)

                if (item2 is IDictionary< string, object >)
                    itemList.Add(Expando((IDictionary< string, object >)item2));
                    itemList.Add(Expando(new Dictionary< string, object > { { "Unknown", item2 } }));

            if (itemList.Count > 0)
                objects.Add(item.Key, itemList);
                processed = true;

        if (!processed)

    return expandoObject;


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