Free Windows 7 Screen Capture Software

Windows 7 came with two handy tools the first is a tool for doing screen capture to images and the second is a tool which records a video of your actions and text notes.

Windows 7 Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool allows to to capture parts or the whole of your desktop, you can then draw on the image to help identify a specific area, then you can save to file or send as an email.

Windows 7 Snipping Tool

Go to Start and type in “Snipping Tool”

Help: Use the Snipping Tool to capture screen shots.

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

The Problem Steps Recorder is intended to help you record a issue you might be having. You record your actions and it breaks it into a step by step video for a support professional to view.

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

Go to Start and type in “Problem Steps Recorder”

Help: How to use the Problem Steps Recorder.


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