Google Website Optimizer Integration

In this example we will create a set of controls to simplify the use of the Google Website Optimizer tool.

Website Optimizer is a tool that can help you improve the effectiveness of your website and your return on your investment by testing if changes to your website’s content are more effective in getting conversions.

With Website Optimizer, you can show your website’s visitors multiple versions of a page or elements on a page to test which pages or elements are most effective.

You are required to put two javascript code snippets on to your page to make it work, one is the Control snippet and the others is the Tracker snippet. I have created two ASP.NET Controls which you can place on to your pages.

Place the Control Script Reference Control in the header

Place the Tracking Script Reference control just before the end body tag.

You then configure your Website Optimizer Experiments in the web.config


You can download the Google Website Optimizer Integration project here


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